Rules of the Game – Section 05 – Quiz

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True or False - The ball can touch the net, posts, singles sticks, cord or strap as long as it hits the ground within the court.
True or False - A player loses the point if the ball hits a permanent fixture other than the net, posts, singles sticks, cord or strap.
The height of the net at the post or singles sticks is _____ feet?
When the server has the advantage after a deuce point the score is called _____?
The line bounding the end of the court is called _____ ?
In general the time allowed between points during a game is _____.
The color of the net strap must be _____?
A serve is considered a let if _____.
True or False - A ball that touches a part of the players body and lands in the opponents court is considered a good ball as long as it also touches their racquet.
True or False - If a player wins the toss and decides to pick an end to start on they also get to pick whether they serve first or receive first.
The minimum diameter of a tennis ball is _____ inches.
Instead of making someone win by a margin of two games players can _____.
If a ball touches another ball that was left on the court before the start of the point the players should _____.
The service line is _____ feet from the net?
A player can reach over the net to hit the ball ____.
True or False - A player can serve the ball underhand as long as the ball doesn't touch the ground before being hit.
True or False - The server must wait for the receiver to be ready, but the receiver must play at the servers pace.
Men can play a maximum of _____ sets
True or False - A let can be called if the server delivers the ball before the receiver is ready.
A ball landing on the line is considered ____.
True or False - The net must completely fill up the space between the net post and the net.
Each line on the tennis court is to be a maximum of _____ inches wide, excpet the baseline which can be _____ inches wide.
True or False - If a ball breaks in the middle of a point, a let should be called and the whole point should be replayed.
Women can play a maximum of _____ sets.
True or False - The ball is considered no longer in play once it gets past the opposing player.
True or False - If a player serves a couple of points to the wrong half of the court and it is discovered after the points have been played the whole game needs to be replayed.
If each player has won three points in a game the score should be called _____?
The height of the net post is _____ feet?
The height of the net at the middle of the court is _____ feet?
True or False - Its O.K. to have two full sets of strings in a racquet as long as they do not touch each other.
If the ball bounces more than ____ time before being struck, the player loses the point.
A tennis court is _____ feet long?
The server can serve _____.
True or False - In a non-officiated match the receiver can call a foot fault on their opponent if it is flagrant enough to see.
The space on each side of the net between the service line and the sidelines shall be divided into two equal parts called _____ ?
If a let is called on a second serve the player gets to start over with a first serve when _____.
True or False - A player who hinders their opponent regardless of intent loses the point.
The overall length of a tennis racquet cannot exceed _____ inches.
True or False - Coaching during a match is only allowed in team competitions.
In a non-officiated match if the player isn't sure whether the ball was in or out they should ____.
In a tie breaker players must switch sides after how many total points have been played?
If a ball falls out of a players pocket during the middle of a point _____.
True or False - A player who throws their racquet at the ball and that ball goes over the net for a winner wins the point.
True or False - The first person serving in the tie breaker serves the first two points.
A tennis ball shall be what color? Select all that apply.
A tennis court is _____ feet wide for doubles play?
To win a set a player must get to _____ games and be winning by a margin of _____ games.
True or False - A player can stand in the doubles alley to serve while playing singles.
True or False - A serve must bounce before the receiver can return it.
True or False - A player can receive coaching during a non-team match only during an authorized rest period.
True or False - A vibration dampener can be placed anywhere within the string bed of a racquet.
The tennis court is to be the shape of a _____?
True or False - A ball is considered out of play once it crosses the baseline as long as it doesn't bounce in the court.
If a player double hits the ball with their racquet _____.
Players change ends of the court following _____.
True or False - As long as a player doesn't hit the ball while serving it is not considered a fault.
The minimum distance between the baseline and fence for any court is to be _____ feet.
The ball may bounce _____ times.
A tennis ball be more than _____ ounces, but less than _____ ounces.
A singles tie breaker generally is played until one player gets how many points?
True or False - The ball must travel over the net in order for the ball to be in play.
The server must always serve the first point to the _____ service box.
A player winning the toss at the beginning of a match can _____.
True or False - A ball that is tossed while serving but not swung at is still considered a service fault.
The server gets _____ attempts to get the service into the correct service box.
Maximum time between the end of one game and the beginning of the next when switching sides of the court is _____.
Under what circumstance can the ball hit the net post land in the court and be considered a good ball?
True or False - People sitting in chairs around the tennis court are considered part of the permanent fixture?
In non-officiated matches the set scored should be called _____.

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