Section 02 – Key Points of the Racquet Drop


The key points of the racquet drop are:

1. Straighten Out Hitting Arm – Arm should straighten out towards back fence first. The arm should be relatively straight. The arm should not be locked so there should be a slight bend to it.


2a. Step Forward (If Stance Is Neutral) – Starts to transfer the bodies weight forward which adds power to the shot. Done as the arm is straightening out.


2b. Weight Shifting Onto Front Foot (If Open Stance) – Helps to start shifting the body weight forward which adds power to the shot. Usually done as the racquet has started to drop.


3. Front Foot Toes Towards Net Post (if stance is neutral) – Allows the left knee and leg to rotate further later into the swing.


4. Let the racquet start dropping slowly – Let gravity drop the racquet. If the racquet drop is too fast the racquet will be harder to control and it means the arm muscles have been activated which will lead to an overall less powerful swing.


5. Keep Racquet on Right Side of Body – Makes the back swing and overall swing shorter. Makes it easier to swing correctly on faster surfaces or against opponents who hit the ball with a lot of power.


6. Racquet Face Closed – If the wrist stays locked and gravity is making the racquet drop the racquet face will naturally be in a closed position.


7. Racquet close to body at end of racquet drop – Helps to keep the swing vertical by allowing the swing to go inside out instead of outside in.


8. Racquet Down To The Level Of The Right Knee – If the bounce is not too high.


09. The Butt of the Racquet Facing Towards the Net – Happens automatically with a correct swing and enough racquet speed.


10. Bend The Knees – Helps get the racquet under the ball which adds topspin to the ball and helps to lift the ball up over the net.


11. Left arm down low, like rest of body – Left hand level with the right hand


12. Left Arm Starting To Move Forward – Will create a greater distance between the right and left arms.


13. Back Straight


14. Belly Button Starting To Move Towards Net Post – This is happens because the shoulders and trunk are starting to uncoil.



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