Section 02 – Key Points of the Forward Swing


01. The Hitting Arm Stays Straight Throughout The Forward Swing – Lets the contact point be further away from the body which leads to a more powerful swing.


02. Hitting Hand Moves Away From Body – This facilitates an inside out swing which increases power for the shot. Hover over the below image to see.

03. Racquet Moves From Parallel To Side Fence to Perpendicular To Side Fence – This will happen automatically if the swing is done correctly.


04. Racquet Face Stays Semi-Closed Until Contact – If the wrist stays locked the racquet will naturally be closed for the whole forward swing.


05. Wrist Stays Locked and Behind Racquet – Helps to keep the racquet stable and puts the contact point further in front of the body.


06. Left Arm Decelerating and Higher Then Right – The arm is decelerated to increase the speed of the hitting arm and racquet. The left arm will be higher because the left side will lift up before the right.


07. Knees Unbending – The knees will start to unbend to aid in the lifting of the ball over the net.


08. Weight Shifting More To Front Foot – Eventually almost all the weight from the back foot will have transferred to the front foot, the process is starting by the forward swing.


09. Back Stays Straight – Helps to maintain good balance and aids in the lifting by making it less stressful on the body.


10. Belly Button Keeps Moving Until It Points To Net Post – Once at the net post it should have decelerated significantly to aid in the racquet moving quickly through the ball as it contacts it.

forehand_forward_swing_belly button_02

11. Head Stays Still – The head is the heaviest part of the body (density wise) by keeping the head still the rest of the body will stay on the path intended which will lead to cleaner hitting which will add consistency.


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